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 A real matchworn jersey or just a fanshop jersey?

Firstly the differentiation is not between an original jersey and a fraud but between a jersey from an obligatory game (a jersey of a professional football player) and a jersey that has been bought in the fanshop. In rare cases these have been the same. E.g. at the world cup in 2006 in which Addidas let them play with Climacool jerseys to be able to promote the jerseys further. 

Moreover, the same jerseys have also been worn in the German Football league (Bundesliga). These have been worn in the German football league as well as they have been sold in the fanshop. A good example that can be named is the SV Werder Bremen in 1997/1998 with its sponsor O-Tel-o which jerseys have been produced by Puma.

Matchworntrikot Spielertrikot oder Fanshop Trikot


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8/17/2016 8:25 PM By A.Wichmann Comments

 Cleaning jerseys with a flock coating: but how?

The football jerseys have different compositions. First of all it is important to establish what we are talking about before we present a solution. The problem most of the times is not the numbers on the back but the flock coating from the sponsors. When talking about this it is important to differentiate if the jersey is from 1980 where the chest sponsor flock has been made out of flock coating or if fit has been made out of polyflex like nowadays. Nowadays also digital prints are being used. It is very rare that the number on the back is worked into the jersey so that it becomes one single print. This has been the case with the FC Barcelona Kappa jerseys; in the German football league (Bundesliga) this has never been the case. 


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8/17/2016 7:00 AM By A.Wichmann Comments

 Flock coating - Introduction: flock coating for football jerseys

We, ShopFussballTrikot.de offer on of the biggest selection worldwide of original flock coatings. Since 2002 our team worked with different materials designs and printing varieties. We own the originals flock coatings from the world cup in 1986 as well from the official world cup jersey of 2014 and from the euro championship in 2016. Those flock coatings you can only find with us as original flock coatings. This is how we convince our clients for more than 14 years.

Trikot Beflockung Stars original Design

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