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Matchworn jersey or fanshop jersey: What are the differences?

 A real matchworn jersey or just a fanshop jersey?

Firstly the differentiation is not between an original jersey and a fraud but between a jersey from an obligatory game (a jersey of a professional football player) and a jersey that has been bought in the fanshop. In rare cases these have been the same. E.g. at the world cup in 2006 in which Addidas let them play with Climacool jerseys to be able to promote the jerseys further. 

Moreover, the same jerseys have also been worn in the German Football league (Bundesliga). These have been worn in the German football league as well as they have been sold in the fanshop. A good example that can be named is the SV Werder Bremen in 1997/1998 with its sponsor O-Tel-o which jerseys have been produced by Puma.

Matchworntrikot Spielertrikot oder Fanshop Trikot



How to clean a footbal jersey and how to mend damages

 Cleaning jerseys with a flock coating: but how?

The football jerseys have different compositions. First of all it is important to establish what we are talking about before we present a solution. The problem most of the times is not the numbers on the back but the flock coating from the sponsors. When talking about this it is important to differentiate if the jersey is from 1980 where the chest sponsor flock has been made out of flock coating or if fit has been made out of polyflex like nowadays. Nowadays also digital prints are being used. It is very rare that the number on the back is worked into the jersey so that it becomes one single print. This has been the case with the FC Barcelona Kappa jerseys; in the German football league (Bundesliga) this has never been the case. 



Flock coating of football jerseys from 1950 until today in original design

 Flock coating - Introduction: flock coating for football jerseys

We, offer on of the biggest selection worldwide of original flock coatings. Since 2002 our team worked with different materials designs and printing varieties. We own the originals flock coatings from the world cup in 1986 as well from the official world cup jersey of 2014 and from the euro championship in 2016. Those flock coatings you can only find with us as original flock coatings. This is how we convince our clients for more than 14 years.

Trikot Beflockung Stars original Design

WEITERLESEN The best in test✓ for soccer jersey & merchandise!  is the starting point for the football and his genuine passion for football. On our website you will find Jersey 's most popular football leagues in the world as the Primera Division with the likes of Ronaldo and fair, the Premier League with the likes of Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Thierry Henry, The Serie A from Italy with the likes of Del Piero, Zinedine Zidane, Inzaghi, Nesta and Pirlo as well as numerous collections of the national team 's various teams around the world. Our special geared to superstars range and the extensive range of football shirts makes us unique in the market and is very popular with men as with the ladies. Clearly structured, visit our website, the most coveted jersey's of recent years, the top teams from the major leagues: Bundesliga, Premier League, Serie A and the Primera Division.

International Team: From Bayern Munich to Real Madrid

The domestic league is probably the most popular league. Leader and crowd favorite is the German record champion Bayern Munich annually about 1.2 million sold jersey 's almost as much as all the rest of the Bundesliga, but also the traditional clubs are very popular and always have a say in the battle for the German championship Ebens as with the amounts of the jersey sold 's. The FC St. Pauli Fan shop offers the jersey with the skull which already has cult status and is very popular with all age groups. The Premier League is probably the most exciting league in the world. Every year fighting the top teams Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea for the title. But these are not the only competitors for the title, even Manchester City or Tottenham always maintain greater ambitions in the fight for the trophy. The newly signed TV contract the Premier League is currently almost 3 times as financially star like our Bundesliga. Nevertheless, the FC Bayern München is a favorit far ahead of the English top clubs. Italy offers ambitious and spirited football. The big derby between the two city rivals Inter Milan and AC Milan is usually the highlight of the season in Serie A by two teams goes a strong rivalry exactly like AS Roma and Lazio, as is the case with most city rivals. In addition to the Milanese tradition clubs is especially the "Old Lady" Juventus, a big title aspirant to the championship of Serie A. The Spanish Football offers by far the most technically gifted football.Here are the big ball artist Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo at home. With their club teams FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, they offer every year fiery duels in the so-called 'El Clasicos' who decide which usually wins the Spanish League (Championship) of the two clubs.

Home & Away Jersey 's, by Top Stars & Up

Whether the home or away kit, not everyone likes the blue jersey of his favorite clubs, or not everyone likes the German home kit in white, often it is very nice to get even a green jersey, red shirt or black jersey, or even the 2014 which Black Red had been.

To complete the football shirt cult and their individual collections, we have the jersey 's made from the last few years for you again online and are now ready to acquire for you ✓, our product portfolio ranges from jersey from the fan shop through to Game Worn Match Worn Jersey we offer everything to capture the hearts of football friend up and make him look individually. "With us you will find the really exclusive Trikot✓" The kit the nieman has another.

Germany jersey, and the EM Euro or World Cup: on the "fan miles" of the country

A Germany jersey is mostly hot longs expected before the major tournaments of the fans worse so if you can it for the big tournament no longer purchase or you might have missed the date to acquire it in time, however, we provide a remedy. Furthermore, it has a high priority, which was the sports equipment of the team, which earlier Erima Adidas and thereafter was, in the first World Cup there was a jersey manufacturers which authorized by the DFB jersey from 1954 was, we have also to. Certainly also interesting jersey's are from the NBA Basketball League or the NHL Hockey League as of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks from the United States, and the NFL (National Football League), the American football that you can only get with us. Furthermore, are the jerseys to Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham or Ronaldo el fenomene, Oliver Kahn, Eric Cantona, Del Piero, Lothar Matthäus, Stefan Effenberg, Alexander Frei, Bixente Lizarazu and Giovane Elber, a real eye-catcher and to an absolute rarity. Visit us every day, it added daily new jerseys and added daily rely numerous.  is the number ONE Shop for soccer jerseys are flocked with Stars:

We offer the jerseys of the stars to the often have hung up their soccer shoes, or winding down her career straight. We can also flocked almost any jersey for plus. 49.99 euros with the original flock, so leave provided in the original design, which was played at that time on each jersey.

Each jersey is often only available once:

we can not each jersey have 10 x is not a secret, therefore considered by many jersey 's, first come first served. All available jersey's we offer are always in stock in the webshop when you see a jersey that they like, so they should strike quickly, because it does not come so soon! We currently have about 3,000 different kits on offer.

Among the various online shops you get here:

For jersey Store for top international leagues 
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The marketplace for the jersey of the NBA (basketball) and NHL (ice hockey)

A tip when searching: 

Look for opportunity only for a word usually come so effective for your jersey, you avoid the word jersey Simply add Werder, France, Zidane or sink input or Chicago or Bulls leads purposefully to target, it is easier located anzugucken 2-3 products more that do not quite fit, than to miss a jersey. We wish you much fun browsing through our unique web shop, which sometimes looks like a large jersey Museum! 

Jersey of top stars like:

Zinedine Zidane jersey, David Beckham jersey, Eric Contona jersey, Michael Ballack jersey, Stefan Effenberg jersey, Rudi Völler jersey, Andreas Brehme jersey, Mario Götze jersey, Ronaldo jersey, Bixente Lizarazu jersey, Lionel Messi jersey, Jurgen Klinsmann jersey, Kaka jersey, Bodo Illgner jersey Robert Enke jersey, Ronaldinho jersey, Miroslav klose, Ailton jersey, Sebastian Schweinsteiger jersey, Thorsten Frings jersey, Viktor Skrypnyk jersey, Thomas Schaaf jersey, Marco Bode jersey, Mehmet Scholl jersey, Roberto Carlos jersey, Roberto Baggio jersey, Francesco Totti jersey. Find the category of the top stars. Top teams of world footballChelsea FC, Arsenal jersey, Bayern Munich jersey, SV Werder Bremen, Real Madrid jersey, Borussia Dortmund jersey Eintracht Frankfurt jersey, AC Milan jersey, 1.FC Kaiserslautern jersey, FC Schalke 04 jersey, Germany DFB jersey, Brazil jersey, France jersey, jersey Italy, Netherlands Holland jersey, Sweden jersey, jersey Hertha BSC, 1. FC Köln jersey, VFB Stuttgart jersey, jersey Hamburger SV, Borussia Mönchengladbach jersey, 1.FC Nuremberg jersey, Inter Milan jersey, FC Barcelona jersey, Liverpool jersey, and other top German clubs. Of these teams and by many other top teams of world football you will find jerseys in our shop.The RICHITGE jersey is not there for you, please contact us.